7 Amazing Kenyan Photographers and some of their Work

August 23, 2020 | By Faith Waitiki

Remember some years ago when getting photographed meant waiting for those photographers with film cameras to pass by your home and have them shoot you? Then it would take them a week or so to come back with the printed pictures? Well, times have really changed now.

Having a camera is now as easy as owning a smartphone, for many going to the studio is a thing of the past now as there are phones with amazing quality cameras. Photography has really evolved and so has the quality of the cameras and work. Having a great camera does not necessarily translate to one being good at taking pictures as that also depends on the skills.

Lighting, angles, shutter speed, and more must be considered when it comes to great photography.

Kenya is blessed with amazing photographers who have actually won awards for their work, here are some that you should definitely check out and follow.


Sam Muchai
Sam is one of the few known aerial photographers we have in Kenya. For those who might not be aware of who he is, Muchai has in the recent weeks been working with Vlogger Natalie Tewa and together they have documented various regions across the country. His work speaks for himself, follow him on his Instagram page @muchaii.


Njeri Photography
Njeri started off as a female rapper before finding her current passion which is photography. Njeri mostly does studio portrait shoots but also does wedding shoots once in a while, her work can be viewed on her Instagram page @Njeriphotography.


Ben Kiruthi
Ben is a talented and well-known wedding photographer, probably one of the most famous wedding photographers in the country. So good is he at what he does that clients from neighboring countries book him months in advance and fly him and his crew out to shoot their weddings. Together with his wife, the two have built an amazing photography empire known as @Benkiruthi photography. He is also a co-founder of Sun Africa studios.


Tinsteh as he calls himself on Social media, is a portrait, street and fashion photographer. He takes amazing shots of the Nairobi city and his shots are always well executed. Check out his work @tinsteh


Lyra Aoko
Just like Njeri, Lyra Aoko is among the best portraits and lifestyle female photographers. She is the founder of @aokocreative and sure does know how to handle the camera.


Mutua Matheka
Mutua has been involved in numerous projects across the country with huge companies like Safaricom and has earned respect for what he does. From portraits, wildlife photography to aerial photography there is nothing that Mutua cannot shoot and manage to execute it effortlessly. Follow him @truthslinger on Instagram and get to see some of his great art.


Tatiana Karanja
Going by the name @tatianakaranjaphotography Tatiana is among the best female photographers in the country. Her photography ranges from shooting people, food, wildlife, nature, weddings and travel. She was actually been awarded as the Bake Awards best photography winner back in 2018

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